About Us

Liberation Data launched in November, 2018

Liberation Data, an Australian incorporated and globally expanding company, is a team of data scientists, architects and engineers skilled in the practical applications of network science. We can help you to extract insight from, and form business processes around graph-shaped data.

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our staff

Aleksey Garbarev

Senior Consultant



We are hiring!


We are hiring!


Thanks so much for such a great update. I think this summarises the progress and situation very well. Also, I want you to know that I'm really happy with the progress you've made so far.

James Vulling, General Manager, Codeware


Response from the matching algorithm is almost instantaneous. I can't wait to launch this!

Josh Simons, CEO Vampr


Thanks for helping out with Codeware’s project, and Jimmy is certainly singing your praises.

Ben Beath, Managing Director, Loud & Clear